Buying process goes from grass roots to social circles

Posted On June 25, 2013

If Gen X put buying power in the hand of the consumer – relying more on independent research and word of mouth referrals from friends than on company-crafted advertising – then Millennials are putting it in the hands of everyone. That is, not just their family and friends, but their Facebook friends, Twitter followers, etc. In fact, according to NBC News, a recent study conducted by eBay indicated that 20% of young motorists would be willing to conduct a car purchase entirely via a mobile device.

While that may be a more extreme stance, the survey results underscore the younger generations’ willingness to rely on peer reviews and mobile communications alike. These are relatively new buying behaviors that should change the way companies look at engaging with younger generations. From what they drive to where they eat to who they work for – this is a collaborative generation that is always on the move.

This can mean a seismic shift in the way some traditional business activity occurs. Is your company effectively using mobile channels for recruiting? Internal communications? Customer service?

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