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Cam Marston’s speaking fees run between $12,500 and $50,000. For exact information on content, availability, and pricing, contact us using this form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the time and duties involved, my fee in North America typically falls between $12,500 – $27,500. In the busy “meeting” seasons of spring and fall the price goes up. In the slower summer months and around the winter holidays, I tend to accept lower fees. If the event is within a short drive of my home in Mobile, Alabama (aka “local”), the price is reduced. If the event demands extensive travel that will take me out of the market for several days, i.e. overseas, the price goes up. If you have a series of events where we can commit to several dates on one contract, the price goes down. Virtual presentations are another cost-effective way to secure my presentations for a lower fee.

Best to call so we can discuss. We try to make it work.

Also, as I am often already booked for a requested date or my fees over an allocated budget, my associate Tim Moore is available to present the Generational Insights’ solutions for $4,500 – $8,500 plus travel.

We work with many speakers bureaus. If you first learned about me from one, please honor their efforts by booking through them. However, most of our work is booked directly with the client. It takes a link out of the chain – easier on all involved. My team is knowledgeable, friendly and quick to respond.

Also, be forewarned, many bureaus have “exclusive” relationships with speakers, meaning the bureau and speaker have agreed that the speaker is only accessible through that bureau and the speaker has been promised a minimum revenue by the bureau. If the bureau doesn’t secure enough bookings to meet this minimum, they must pay the difference. What this can often mean is that you’ll call the bureau and ask to hire me and the bureau will say, “We know Cam and love him but we know a guy that does just as good a job and is the same price or cheaper. We’ll send you this guy instead.” Don’t let that happen.

No. We work with companies who are interested in our solutions and have a need that we can fill. Company size is irrelevant.

My team and I have made presentations to audiences of multiple thousands in arenas as well as to ten people in a boardroom at a F500 board of directors meeting. We work with all audience sizes. In our conference call prior to the event, we ask for your best guess on audience size – it helps us prepare the appropriate program. For larger audiences the laughs last longer – it’s a great feeling – but we need to reduce our content with this in mind to stay within the allotted time. For smaller audiences we can pack a lot in, though many smaller audiences prefer less content and more interaction with the speaker and each other on the topic.

No one we know who is giving presentations has done as much research on this topic as we have. There is not a day that goes by that something new doesn’t come across my desk or on my computer that begs to be more deeply understood in a way that will help my clients and audiences. However, a deep understanding is not the only thing you should consider in hiring me.

Emotions help people remember the things they hear, therefore I lace my presentations with humor. Your audience will laugh. They’ll laugh and point at their workplace colleagues when something I say characterizes someone in their workplace perfectly. They’ll laugh and send texts to their spouses back home as I say something that makes them think of their spouse or their children. They’ll take pictures of my slides and post them on social media because of the insight and humor the slide evokes. I want them to remember what I say and I want humor to be the stimulant to make them remember. With twenty years in front of audiences, my humor has been honed many times over to make sure it is not only delivered correctly, but that it is also delivered at the right times in the presentation, too. It works.

Finally, lots of folks calling themselves “generational experts” only deliver content on how the generations are different. This is the low hanging fruit in this topic and any parent or manager has this expertise. However, finding a speaker who offers solutions to the management, workplace, service and sales issues is much rarer and that’s where our bread is buttered. That’s where our rubber hits the road. That’s why we have so many repeat clients – our suggested solutions work.

You’re getting the most current expertise, a tried-and-true approach to adding humor, and solutions that work.

My expertise is on all of the generations because it is important that I thoroughly understand each one to give the best advice on how they can relate with one another. However, if what you want is a deep focus on the one or two generations that are most significant to your workplace or marketplace, that is a very easy customization for me to apply.

Due to the limited availability of what we sell – specifically, dates on a calendar – we don’t automatically discount for non-profits or government. However, please contact us to discuss your event details, budget, etc. because there are sometimes ways we can accommodate them.

No. Our contracts specifically outline the times when we’ll be available to your event. However, when possible, we try to interact as much as we can. Often we’re invited to events the night before the presentation and the conversations with attendees usually end up being awkward. “What is it that you do again?” Or, “So, you’re here to motivate us tomorrow?” However, when our schedules permit us to stay after the presentation and attend an event with the audience members, it is lots of fun. The presentation builds common ground so we then get stories about how they began to recognize their own teams and children in the content. This often allows us to offer specific advice to people who ask us about their unique challenges.

When you engage us we commit to arriving in your event location’s city the night before the appearance, be available for an AV check the day of the event, and on-site in plenty of time prior to the scheduled presentation. The fee also includes one or two conference calls with your event team to discuss your goals for the presentation. On the conference call we’ll agree on how long you’ll need the presentation to last and whether you want Q&A as a part of it or not, plus go through my standard list of questions that help me get to know your audience. I’ll then spend time in my office customizing the presentation to ensure that your goals are met. I don’t just give the same canned speech over and over. Also, I am always happy to videotape a personal message to your invitees telling them what I will be bringing to the meeting to help them get excited and interested in attending. You can post this video on your event website or send it in an e-mail to the invitees.

You’ll find that we are very easy to work with and our goal is to help you make your event as successful as it can be. So, last minute, on-site questions like, “Can you shorten/lengthen your presentation due to something unexpected?” If we can make it work, yes. “Can you hang around during the break and interact with our attendees?” Again, yes, if we can make it work considering previous commitments or needs to get to the next city, absolutely.

As far as needed. There are no restrictions on how far we’ll travel.

Like many other busy speakers who are constantly traveling from one event to another, we have a flat travel fee for all engagements in North America. It is nearly impossible to collect all of the receipts and determine who owes what in a multi-legged trip. We charge $2,200 for each U.S. engagement as this allows us to buy the flexible tickets that permit us to change flights at the last minute due to whatever circumstances the airlines or the weather throws at us. Cheaper tickets severely restrict the changes we can make if changes become necessary, and send the ticket holder to the bottom of the priority list for rebooking. This stipend also covers my off-site meals, parking and/or ground in my home city, tips and many of the other expenses that add up quickly when traveling. This flat travel fee also makes it a tad easier on you – we don’t have to bill for expenses after the event and you don’t have to spend time cutting another check and checking receipts.

A part of our commitment with this travel fee is that we will do everything in our power to be at your event when disruptions hit. Many times we’ve driven all night when storms have stranded us at an airport and we’ve had charter planes (that would have cost us more than the event paid) on hold to honor our commitment to be there.

The client is responsible for arranging and direct billing to their account a hotel room for one or two nights (usually one night but sometimes two nights when presentations are in the evening or after midday on the west coast), ground transportation from/to the airport in the destination city, and the standard AV equipment that has become a part of nearly every meeting these days. We’ll send the AV form upon request but there’s nothing odd or unique on it.

Good lord, no. Unbelievably, some speakers do. Not me.

No. Certainly not. But I won’t turn it down either.

No. While I’m always happy to donate a small handful of one of my books to offer as a raffle item or to give to your leadership team, books are a separate cost. We offer steep discounts when they’re purchased in conjunction with a presentation. If you want them signed, I can sign them in advance and have them shipped, I can sign them upon arrival in my hotel room or in a small meeting room, or I can personalize them at a scheduled book signing where I will also interact with conference attendees after my speech. This is a discussion we have in preparation for the event.

Absolutely. Count on it, but I prefer to share them after my presentation as I tweak them up until the last minute. I meet attendees and discuss their businesses and their challenges and continuously add things to my slides. Also, if attendees are given them in advance of my live presentation, it ruins some of the surprise information and humor and can distract them from what is actually happening onstage. The copies will be sent to the meeting planner via email as a PDF document.

Due to the above, I prefer not to send them ahead. Also, having done this for 20 years, I have the AV process down to a science – having learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t. Playing them directly from my own computer leads to the best results.

I’m happy to use your template as my opening and closing slide but the interior slide content will be in my own branded template.

As mentioned above, I offer my slides in PDF format as a follow-up to the event. However, I also have standard handouts and/or worksheets that I can send in advance that can be duplicated and placed at each seat or added to any conference website or app for download. We also have series of short management and sales micro-videos that serve as excellent continuing education for conference attendees. Ask about them and we’ll send samples or a trial subscription for the videos.

Most of my clients are management, sales, or customer meetings for F500 type companies who are asking us to help them with one of the following:

  1. Educating and entertaining their teams and/or customers who are in customer facing roles on how to best engage/sell/provide service to the different generations of customer/client.
  2. Educating and entertaining management and leadership on how to recruit, manage, and retain employees.
  3. Educating leadership on the generational and demographic trends that are shaping today’s workplace and workforce.
  4. Taking groups who have had some formal introduction to generational and demographic differences in the workplace and the marketplace and taking the conversation deeper. Many speakers talk about the generations in their presentations but few offer specific tactics on what to do and what to say to better sell, recruit, or retain people. We take any sort of generational awareness to a deeper level, offering specific advice on what to do based on their challenges.

I also do a lot of work with associations who bring me to their conferences to share my solutions with their members.

While our presentations will enlighten and entertain nearly every audience, church or religious organizations aren’t groups that we feel we can help very much. The same goes for education and school groups. Our focus is business, management, and sales.

Sometimes people assume that I must be a motivational speaker. While my content gets people excited for new opportunities they can create by using it, I’m not a motivational speaker.

Infrequently we get very specific and detailed requests for a narrow demographic and are unable to meet their requests. For example, “We have a group of Brazilians visiting our conference and would like you to speak exclusively to them in a break-out session about the generational characteristics of native Brazilians in rural areas. That’s where they’re building a plant and need to hire people.” Sorry – can’t help with that one. We have no idea how to begin to answer that request.

Yes. After 20 years I have a lot of research assembled for other clients that I pull from. Occasionally I commission secondary research and gather content for a specific audience at my own cost.

Example of research we’ve gathered: Predictions of who will be renting cars most frequently over the next ten years. Who are today’s pet owners and how much do they spend on pet supplies? Who goes fishing the most today and what are their ages? What amounts and types of debt does each generation have? What age are people getting married today versus twenty years ago?

If you would like me to focus more heavily on one or two particular generations rather than all five, that is also an easy customization for me.

No. Lots of humor but nothing you can’t take back to your children or your church and repeat.

Like most professional speakers, this is my career’s work that I make my living being paid to present. My quoted fees are for live presentations. It is critical that I keep my copyrighted solutions from being recorded and distributed – or posted on YouTube for the world to see for free. However, on occasion we do make exceptions for certain internal and archival purposes which my team would be happy to discuss with you. If you want to videotape my presentation for training purposes, there is an additional contract and an additional charge for this. However, like everything else, we want to make it work with you.

For some groups our fees are too high. For others they are a tiny drop in a huge bucket. For those who can’t afford our fees for a live presentation, we have a few solutions that work well:

  1. We put on webinars where I deliver my content from afar and it is viewed either in one location or across the nation simultaneously. It’s not nearly as effective as a live presentation but it works. We can set up the webinar or use your service.
  2. I have four books on the topics – two on management, one on sales, and one for a niche market of financial services. All these books are available on Amazon. Enter my name into the Amazon search bar and you’ll find all the titles listed.
  3. We offer micro-videos of about 3 – 4 minutes each that focus on different topics within sales, management, recruiting, and retention. Each video is supported by a worksheet to help retention. These videos are available by subscription for individuals or small teams and by license for larger organizations.

Most of my business is repeat or referral business. This means I do a good job and they want me back. Or they like what I do and send me on to their colleagues to do it for them. It means my team and I are easy to work with, very professional, and are committed to your event’s success. I’ll stack our professional reputation up to anyone’s. We are very proud of our work and our reputation.

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