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Live Presentation Preview Video

Cam Marston’s presentations are informative, engaging and humorous. He offers concrete data that is tailored to his audience and enlivened with anecdotes, tales from the real business world, and quips that make the messages on workplace culture, generational differences, and marketplace and workforce trends memorable.

New Solutions

Although Covid shut down the in-person speaking circuit for almost two years, Cam didn’t stop working and researching. Hear how he has determined what organizations that aren’t struggling with recruiting and retention have in common, as well as what trends are shaping the workplace and marketplace today and tomorrow.

Virtual Presentation Preview

When most events went virtual during the pandemic, speakers had to quickly adapt to presenting online. Check out this video to see why Cam was one of the rare few with the talent to keep audiences engaged through his entertaining and interactive presentations.

Selling Across the Generations – Preview

Cam Marston leads the way in generational research and insight for organizations and audiences of all sizes and industries. With over 20 years in the field, Cam is considered one of the preeminent authorities on generational preferences in the workplace and marketplace. Throughout this presentation you will learn how companies are effectively engaging generational sales techniques to appeal to the unique decision-making traits of each generation, and how you can develop a solid sales process based on generational biases and business preferences.

Gen-Savvy Financial Advisor

Clips from one of Cam’s most popular topics demonstrating his understanding of the attitudes and expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s generations and what they expect from financial service providers.

Master of Ceremonies

Not only is Cam Marston a powerful speaker but he is also an exceptional Master of Ceremonies. A meeting planner’s dream, Cam’s emcee skills rival those of any comedian or other professional host: Quick on his feet - Cam’s wit inspires his audiences to laugh with him as he uses humor to make observations about the speakers and their content. Never making fun of anyone, only having fun with everyone. Well read - Cam’s passion is current events. He’ll tie conversations he has with audience members in with current news topics and industry-related content. Not political. Not polarizing. Just observant and insightful. Stick to the plan - Cam keeps the meeting on track. On schedule. On topic.

Classic Humorous Clips

It's hard to sit through a humorless presentation. For years Cam has worked to add funny memories and stories to his content as well as tidbits and idiosyncrasies about each generation. Audiences enjoy it and they're able to remember the content easier when humor is a big part of the presentation. Here are some funny moments from various presentations over the years.

Keepin’ It Real Commentaries

Short weekly commentaries to motivate workplaces and workforces. Positive and inspired, the commentaries were launched in 2018 on Alabama Public Radio. They are Cam's observations of the world as it goes on around him and have recently become available as a subscription-based video series for workplace and workforce inspiration, motivation, and training. Subscribe to the podcast at Apple Podcasts and view videos at our YouTube site.

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