Chevy Rolls Out Cars for Millennials

Posted On January 17, 2012

Chevy Cars for MillennialsFollowing extensive market research, Chevrolet has designed two new models just for Millennials. As we’ve noted before, Millennials have proven to be less enthusiastic about automobiles than previous generations. They put off getting drivers licenses and say they prefer other forms of transportation. To make a car that Millennials could love, GM surveyed about 9,000 of them and then factored their input into two new designs, which were unveiled last week.

GM enlisted MTV’s Scratch division to identify features that would appeal to the next generation of buyers. Among other preferences, they found that they love social media and connectivity. So, both models include in-car Wi-Fi, Millennials’ favorite feature of any space they might occupy.

The survey also showed that Millennials move around in packs (sound familiar?) so GM expanded the rear seating to accommodate more of their peers.

Also no surprise, the data showed that Millennials like to feel unique. In response, the interior décor is customizable, with a selection of graphic door panels to choose from.

Chevy plans an extensive social media campaign to get Millennials attention as well as feedback to improve the products. “This is a long-term strategy,” said one GM exec, to establish a relationship with the next, and largest, generation of potential car buyers.|head

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