Construction Industry Institute (CII) Program called How to Achieve Success in your Workplace: An MBA of a Different Sort

Posted On November 14, 2012

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Above is a link to an association write up of a program I put together for them on how to get their next generation of leaders prepared for roles of responsibility – how to work with the leaders of today and how to prepare yourself for leadership tomorrow.  We seated everyone at rounds and made sure no two people from the same company was together so that the workshop portion could function most effectively.  It was two hours long, all customized for this client, with super results.  Below is the quote from my CII point of contact for the event:

“This was our first attempt at directly engaging the next generation of leaders and industry professionals during a Construction Industry Institute (CII) Annual Conference. Cam’s presentation and workshop entitled: ‘How to Achieve Success in Your workplace: An MBA of a Different Sort’ was very well received by our attendees, with high marks for presentation content and delivery. Cam’s comprehensive  knowledge of workplace leadership trends and his ability to connect with the audience through relevant analogies and thought leadership at several levels was a great start for our conference!  He was able to help our members understand how generational differences can impact their organizations, not only internally, but also with their business partners – and how developing communication skills, leadership, and accountability, adding value to the workplace, understanding the apprentice to master process, and working with a mentor can achieve impressive results. I would recommend this presentation to any company or organization that wants to attract, engage, and retain young talent.”

Kim Allen, CII Associate Director

Also, as something a bit different, I created an invitation video that went to CII members – both company owners and staff – to generate attendance.  Click this link to watch the video:

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