Crowdsourcing? Yes, In Fact. For Me.

Posted On January 26, 2016

Again yesterday I had a request from an audience member for more information. More than a book, more than an article, she wanted to continue the dialogue I had started in my presentation. “Where can I keep up with this?” she asked. Another guy yesterday heard me last week on a radio broadcast in Buffalo and he, too, wanted more.

For a while I’ve considered beginning an “online, on-demand, downloadable radio show” (aka: podcast) and I think it’s now time. I’m working on a business plan that addresses frequency, topics, budget, and a preliminary guest list of people I know with thoughtful insights into today’s workplace and marketplace and can comment on generational bias and demographics while making it entertaining. I’ve outlined my target audience – business people, mostly managers and leaders, who have responsibilities of spreading new thought through their workplace. And due to the nature of this technology they’re likely to be younger than average, more tech-savvy, and above average in education and affluence (at least that’s what podcast research shows about podcast listeners). Additionally, I’ve begun thinking of the types of companies who may want to partner with me (sponsor or advertise) on this show should it go well.

What I lack is a good title. A show name. For the life of me I can’t come up with anything other than “Cam Marston’s Generational Insights” and while that’s OK, it’s not catchy and it severely restricts my topics. I’d like something that touches my expertise, is energetic, and a bit more broad and I’m turning to the marketplace for help.

How important is the title? Very. “Never judge a book by its cover,” doesn’t apply here. In the fat and thick world of podcasts a title and good art will make it stand out and that’s my goal. And I’m at a creative impasse. I need help. Lots. If something surges into your head please email me ASAP.

The podcast name is the last piece of the puzzle.


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