Gen X finally gets its due

Posted On September 24, 2013

After famously getting slapped with the “slacker” label early on, Generation X may have finally had its come-uppance.  A FOXBusiness headline recently labeled Gen X “best” – yes, best.

Now, to be fair, the context of the label was in determining the comfort and appropriateness of younger generations taking leadership roles and having older employees as direct reports.  In other words, Boomers are more okay with Gen X bosses than they are with Millennial ones. This makes sense from a pure “need to earn your way/pay your dues” mentality and just generally more comfortable not taking orders from someone young enough to be your own child.  It makes logical sense, perhaps not even newsworthy, except…

The conversation goes a step further, referencing EY (formerly Ernst & Young) research where Generation X employees were “cited the ‘best’ among the generations in seven of 11 attributes including being a ‘revenue generator’ (58%), being adaptable (49%), problem-solving (57%) and collaborative (53%).”

Not too shabby for a bunch of slackers.

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