Gen X Men in the Kitchen

Posted On May 17, 2012

Gen X Men In the KitchenAccording to a University of Michigan study that tracked over 3000 Gen Xers, Gen X men are significantly more interested in food than their counterparts in older generations. These guys can cook – they prepare about 8 meals a week on average. They also spend a significant amount of time grocery shopping and consuming food related media such as cooking shows and magazines.

Gen X women still cook more, preparing 10-12 meals a week. But compared to males in predecessor generations, Gen X men make up a much more receptive market for food and cooking related products and media.

Part of the explanation lies in other generational changes, “In previous generations, there was often a disparity, and the husband’s job brought in more money or was more time consuming. That’s not the case anymore,” says one of the study’s authors. “Now there is much more parity between genders and in many cases, the woman makes more. That means there is a reallocation of time and duties for these people.”

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