Generation X: Time to shine?

Posted On October 17, 2013

Once maligned as slackers and cynics, Gen Xers are coming into their own in the business world.  A recent EY study, reported in Business Week, shows that not only do Xers think they are in position to be the best business leaders right now—their Millennial and Boomer counterparts agree. In fact, Xers were specifically applauded for being the generation least likely to be cynical and condescending.

As the article points out however, there is still a grey cloud to go with the silver lining.  Generation X may be the best fit for the leadership role for the moment, but this is a moment not expected to last long.  Millennials have the strength in numbers and that intriguing connection with the Boomers that may well see them taking the leadership reigns sooner in their careers than the Xers had the opportunity to do.  After all, Xers have had to wait their turn behind a tremendous number of Boomers.

The little generation that could needs to reach out for the brass ring while it is in sight.  It may not be visible for long.

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