How are brands adjusting to new generations?

Posted On September 2, 2014

Much of my work consists of helping people connect. Whether it is businesses with consumers or employers with employees, the underlying need is for individuals or groups to find a common ground for authentic communication. Sometimes, however, the conversation goes meta and we’re talking about how a brand can make that connection to the individual. It’s growing beyond human relationships to marketing, and the bias a generation can bring to how they receive that marketing. This article in Canada’s Globe and Mail discusses how Generation Y may (or may not) change branding. It’s an interesting dialogue with a marketing executive and marketing professor and underscores how new technologies have made it ever more important to have authentic communication.

As the two discuss, in the past companies were able to decide and define their brands. You chose your logo, tagline, personality and message and then you told the masses who you were. It was a one directional. Today, marketing is most definitely multi-directional and while the media has power, the pulse is directed by the consumer. And the Gen X and Gen Y can be tough customers.

So if you are wondering how to connect with the younger generations, it’s not so much about finding out what they want, but conveying who you are. Your brand is more than your logo. It’s your promise. Do your employees and customers believe it?

Categories: Advertising, Product Design