If content is king, where do Millennials fit in?

Posted On August 1, 2013

Speak to a marketing professional – particularly one in the B-to-B space – and at some point they will tell you that content is king.  What does that have to do with Millennials?  Well, if content is king – then the creation of content is currency.  Millennials, who are typically in the early stages of their careers, are not frequently in the position to be the valued thought leaders of a company.  And yet, they do bring value to the content game.

A recent piece on Huffington Post highlights this reality.  Millennials may not bring the earned industry knowledge to the table right away, but they are natural masters of the universe where content is most important – social media.  And while this piece talks about letting Millennials be thought leaders in the social realm, I think there is something to be considered when social is not the business, but the medium.  You see, Millennials don’t have to learn social, they are social.  Navigating the social universe is nearly second nature, which means that Millennials are the perfect complement to the Boomer experts that are probably at the core of your content or thought leadership strategy.

Working together, Millennials and Boomers can deliver a powerful combination of earned industry knowledge and comfort with the medium.  And in the process, the old-fashioned mentor-apprentice develops behind the scenes, which, in turn positions the Millennial to be industry thought leader of the future.

And there goes Gen X, getting lost in the shuffle again…

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