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Posted On August 23, 2021

It’s tough out there today. It’s always been tough but today just seems…tougher. Trying to find things to be happy about, to feel good about, seems harder. But we soldier on.

In January, I asked myself, “How can I influence the way people feel each day? What are my tools to do so? What are my resources?” Suddenly, my Keepnin’ It Real commentaries leapt forward in my mind.

Long a staple on Alabama Public Radio, I’m redesigning the Keepin’ It Real commentaries for corporate use and in the process I’ve seen an opportunity to bring something very non-traditional to my clients. Something that I think will truly matter.

I’ve hired a team to film me delivering the commentaries and an artist to help me tell the stories. The result is a series of three and a half minute long videos created to inspire the viewer with a message of  hope, inspiration, and resiliency in these tough times. The videos are accompanied by a tool for leadership to use to debrief the message with their teams and keep the message alive.

Watch our pilot effort and imagine your own company’s name and logo in the introduction and the exit. Imagine your team seeing something like this every week and you skillfully discussing the content in such a way that keeps it alive. Imagine your customers getting these videos from you each week as a way of saying, “Thanks for hanging in there with us. Hope this brings a smile.” Imagine posting the videos to your social media where giving away smiles and goodwill to your online community is rewarded with likes and follows and their on-going attention. Or putting them on your internal networks or playing them during your weekly meeting team meetings. Whatever. Imagine spreading the word.

I’ve priced the subscription so cheaply it should be hard to say No. So cheap you can easily give it a try. Place the videos in front of your team and watch them respond. Watch them change. Watch them treat themselves, one-another, customers, and even strangers differently. Reach out to me so I can share the pricing.

Perhaps my Keepin’ It Real commentaries were truly meant for this purpose and I’m just following them where they’re supposed to go. I don’t know. But it sure feels right.

Take a look and let’s help each other make it a little less tough out there.

– Cam

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