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Keepin’ It Real Video Series Launches This Week

Posted On September 20, 2021

This week launches of the Keepin’ It Real video series. They’re short 3 1/2 minute motivational and inspirational videos that originated with my radio commentary series.

The companies who have quickly spotted a need for the videos have several things in common:

  1. They are deeply interested in the well-being of their people at work and at home.
  2. They recognize that these videos will influence their company culture and their culture is a significant driver of employee retention.
  3. They recognize that the video’s messages will positively influence their customer facing team’s interactions with customers.
  4. They recognize that giving away positive, goodwill messages to all their stakeholders and their community will, in time, achieve a “brand lift” and they’re in it for the long haul.
  5. They firmly believe that never have these messages been needed more than right now.

I created them as goodwill messages to be used by companies who want to share good, encouraging, and thoughtful content with their communities. My first client, Infirmary Health (in partnership with Viva Health) in my hometown of Mobile, Alabama will do just that. But Infirmary Health quickly let me know the most valuable use of the videos is not external but internal. Their staff, like healthcare staff everywhere, is weary, they said, and any motivational pick-me-ups are not just welcome, they’re needed. Other companies who have seen the samples (one at that link, a second sample here) have said the same thing – the greatest value is getting these videos in front of their teams to keep them in the right spirits in troubling times.

I’m grateful for Johnson Control’s southeast division for seeing the potential of the videos and utilizing the support tools I’ve developed. Barnhart Crane and Rigging is using them on their employee only app and in social media. Several other organizations are working to find the right place internally to get the videos the attention they need.

If you’d like to see more samples, talk branding opportunities, or see the pricing, reach out. I’m very proud of them and would enjoy the chance to show you more.


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