Leading Multi-Generational Teams Workshop

Half/Full Day Workshop

Yvette Huerta
SA Recycling, LLC, Los Angeles
Benefits Manager

Felder Services
March 2017

Leading Multi-Generational Teams

Leading Multi-Generational Teams is an out-of-your-seat, multi-media workshop using dynamic, engaging methods to expand leaders’ existing knowledge and facilitate new and deeper insight into those that they lead. Providing many application opportunities, the workshop optimizes a leader’s abilities to develop high performance teams and achieve better results on the job.

Leaders learn the demographics, historical events, and parenting trends that created each generations’ workplace preferences and how these preferences can become sources of conflict. Awareness, appreciation, and mastery of generational preferences enables leaders to address such conflict productively, if not avoid it altogether. Furthermore, mastery of generational preferences ensures productive team relationships and communications that promote creativity, innovation, teamwork, and performance.

The Gen-Flex® model—a tool for leaders to examine how generational preferences influence their own leadership approach on a case-by-case basis—is central to the workshop. The tool teaches leaders to adjust their approach to minimize generation gaps and lead effectively.

A flexible program, the course is available in half-day and full-day versions. Leading Generations can also be customized to integrate (or be integrated into) your organization’s existing learning programs. Additionally, a Leading Multi-Generational Teams competency model and competency-model-based self-assessment is available for use as pre-work.

Please contact us to learn more, to schedule a session with one of our approved trainers, or to schedule a train-the-trainer program for your organization.

Sample course materials are available at the links below:

  1. Promo Info & Fact Sheet
  2. Sample Role Play Exercise #5
  3. Participant Guide Sample Page
  4. Leading Generations Competency Model