MarketWatch offers “10 things Generation Y won’t tell you”

Posted On July 11, 2013

The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch had a piece recently that spells out the ups and downs of the Millennial generation fairly well. A quick summary of the “10 things” referenced in the title:

  1. Don’t like us? Blame our parents.
  2. Never mind Occupy Wall Street. We want to be the 1%.
  3. Republicans just don’t ‘get’ us.
  4. You might not want to hire us…
  5. …but soon you might work for us.
  6. We have drug problems.
  7. We live with our parents. So what?
  8. Mom and Dad: Don’t buy us a car.
  9. We’re practically professional students.
  10. Companies that neglect us will be sorry.

Obviously, number four and five jumped out at me because of their specific focus on generations in the workforce, but the rest of the list was interesting as well. It’s a bit long, but worth a look when you have some time to spare. The author provides a fairly comprehensive look at what makes up the Millennial psyche – narcissistic, optimistic, altruistic, naïve, chill, stressed. The bottom line:  Walking contradictions, Millennials don’t make it easy on anyone, including themselves.

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