Millennials Addicted to Their Smartphones, Some Suffer “Nomophobia”

Posted On December 20, 2012

Millennials Nomophobia imageThe Pew study of Millennials from a few years ago got everyone’s notice with the factoid that most Millennials sleep with their cell phones at hand. Now, a new Cisco study takes look at Millennials waking relationships with their smartphones and finds them inseparable.

In fact, Millennials don’t just sleep with their smartphones. 75% use them in bed before going to sleep and 90% check them again first thing in the morning.  Half use them while eating and third use them in the bathroom. A third check them every half hour. Another fifth check them every ten minutes. A quarter of them check them so frequently that they lose count.

About one in four uses them for work but most are using them for things like social networks, games, and sharing photos and videos. Perhaps most alarming, about 40% of them really feel like they can’t live without their smartphones. They say they “would feel anxious, like part of me is missing” in the words of the survey. There’s even a word for that feeling now: “nomophobia” (as in “no mobile phobia”).

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