Millennials Are The New Slackers

Posted On December 8, 2011

Millennials New Slcakers ImageNow that Xers have given up their generational title of “Slackers,” Millennials have picked up where they left off. Just last month, we noted that it’s now unfair to call Generation X “slackers”: studies show that they work hard and apply themselves in all aspects of life. But now a new survey of Millennials’ coworkers shows that the youngest generation in the workplace is perceived as lazy and disengaged from their work.

The poll, conducted by Workplace Options, showed that 77% of those asked believe that Millennials have a different attitude towards work than older generations. 46% say Millennials are not fully engaged in their work and 68% say they are not as motivated as other generations.

Millennials don’t grade themselves much higher.  54% questioned their peers’ motivation and 34% found their own generation a little disengaged.  Millennials did get high marks in one area: 78% of all surveyed said that Millennials fare better than other generations when it comes to working with technology.

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