Millennials’ “BYOD” Straining Network Security

Posted On September 11, 2012

One of the employee demands that Millennials are bringing to the workforce is known as BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device – the ability to bring their own smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc., and to utilize workplace networks with them, including for work purposes. Now, a survey of network administrators shows a sharp increase in threats to network security and most of them blame Millennials who BYOD.0000

40% say their systems have been compromised by unauthorized downloads and many blame Millennials, specifically “males between 20 and 35” who have demanded access to workplace networks with their own electronics. Moreover, 80% of administrators say this same cohort is the main obstacle to rolling back access and tightening security.

While employers value the tech savvy of Millennials and have embraced BYOD as a way of capitalizing on it, the threats posed by malware and other cyber mischief may cause them to rethink opening up their networks to Millennials and all their gadgets.

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