Millennials Giving to Charity

Posted On June 13, 2012

Millennials Giving To CharityThe debate continues as to whether Millennials are self-absorbed adult-olescents with an overblown sense of entitlement or whether they are community-minded citizens willing to chip in for the benefit of the environment and the world around them.

A new survey of Millennials provides evidence for the latter, revealing that 75% of Millennials gave money to charity last year. In addition, 70% reported that they helped solicit donations to philanthropies or encouraged their peers to give.

While that’s an impressive giving rate, the amounts given are less so. About 6 in 10 report that all their gifts were under $100, perhaps reflecting the generation’s current financial condition. Only 16% reported making a gift over $500. The study reinforces at least one generational stereotype: 70% report making a donation online making that their favorite way to give, by far.

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