Millennials Still Want Socially Responsible Jobs

Posted On January 5, 2012

Despite the tough job market they face, Millennials are still determined to find employment that matches their values, according to a recent Deloitte survey. The survey found that 70% of young Millennials say a company’s commitment to the community would influence their decision to work there. Even 61% of Millennials who rarely or never volunteer say corporate social responsibility would factor into their decision to accept a job with a prospective employer.

The survey also found that appealing to Millennials’ volunteerism is good for retention and loyalty, in addition to recruitment. Millennials who participate in employer-sponsored volunteer activities are significantly more likely to rate their “corporate culture” as “very positive” (56% to 28%), to be proud of their company (55% to 36%), to feel satisfied with their employer (51% to 32%) and to feel loyal to their company (52% to 33%).

The survey strongly reinforces the idea that social responsibility and volunteer activities are a good way for employers to attract Millennials and goes further by demonstrating that it’s also one of the best ways to keep them.

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