Millennials: The Movie

Posted On April 23, 2012

Millennials The Movie ImageMarketers and advertisers have all the reading material on Millennials they could ever want, in the form of books, surveys, and market research. Now, a new unit of NBCUniversal called Curve Films has produced a film that documents Millennials’ outlook and position in the marketplace. The film, “Y Now,” is aimed at Madison Avenue, and distills research about Millennials into 22 minutes of interviews with 9 real live Millennials.

Each interview segment is designed to represent a different stage or type of the Millennial generation from those just out of school to those who have started careers and families. It addresses Millennials’ life circumstances and worldviews more than it does their specific buying habits.

The film will be divided into five-minute segments that will be distributed to selected advertising professionals via email. “This is an opportunity to make research more compelling and entertaining,” said an NBCUniversal executive. “We really want the audience who gets these e-mails to feel a connection with the subjects.”

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