Older Boomers, Matures Don’t Mind Aging

Posted On August 14, 2012

The Baby Boomers are the generation with the optimistic and “forever young” attitudes. Perhaps that’s why they don’t feel so bad about getting old, according to a survey conducted by the National Council on Aging. More than 75% of Boomers and Matures over 60 surveyed are optimistic that the best is still yet to come and expect to maintain or improve their quality of life over the next decade.

Senior Boomers do worry about money. About half of those surveyed are concerned about covering their bills in the future.  And about a third are worried about paying for long-term care when they need it. About 20% report they are still working in their retirement years.

Still, the trademark optimism remains. The majority says they’ll be able to manage the health and financial stress issues they encounter. And why not? According to the Census Bureau, these generations of seniors will live longer than any previous ones.


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