Tech-savvy Millennials are watching (and judging) luddites

Posted On August 13, 2013

It is no secret that technology know-how of youth raised in the age of the smartphones in the pocket far outpaces those who were raised with rotary phones tethered to the kitchen wall. Today’s youth don’t really need to be taught how to use technology, rather, they need to be taught when and why to choose technology to communicate in the best way. Even then, they may be teaching that to you.

A recent study by CompTIA reveals that Millennials often look at the technology offerings of potential employers when determining interest in potential job. Using social media effectively for business? That’s a check in the pro column. Website not optimized for mobile? That benefits package better be stellar.

Okay, maybe it isn’t that cut and dry, but it is clear that technology as a strategy is much more than a nice to have. In fact, if your company is largely run by Boomers and Xers who consider social media purely social – and you recognize the need to attract and retain more qualified younger employees – you may want to consider bringing in a Millennial to a more senior technology post, allowing their natural abilities in this area to set the strategy.

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