The Boomer List: The stories of a generation

Posted On October 21, 2014

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, PBS has a new documentary film, The Boomer List, which provides a look at life from the perspective of 19 famous Boomers. I had a chance to watch it and I think it is worth the 1:22 of your time.

The film doesn’t have a specific point other than that there are common threads and vast differences in the people who make up the Baby Boomer generation. The stories told by the 19 individuals, each born in one of the 19 years that make up the Boomer generation, are shared out of order and with no seeming narrative thread.  They are not trying to convince, but they do tell a story.

Considering that the youngest Baby Boomers are only a few years from retirement, perhaps the most valuable business benefit of this film is the clear demonstration of how a wide variety of individuals can share similar values even when telling very personal stories. This isn’t news, but it is easy to forget.  The Boomer List is a great reminder.

You can find the full video of The Boomer List online through your local PBS station.  I particularly enjoyed Samuel L. Jackson, Maria Shriver and Steve Wozniak. Shriver mentions that the Boomers go get ’em attitude had the unintended consequence of creating a “nation in a rush” and her generation now has the chance to take a breath and figure out what they really want their legacy to be. Interesting perspective. Which interviews stood out the most to you?

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