Youngest Boomers initiated into AARP

Posted On June 12, 2014

We are almost halfway through 2014, which means that in six short months every member of the Boomer generation will have turned 50. Orange is the new black, 50 is the new 40.

So when the membership cards arrive in their mailboxes, these new AARP recruits will be welcomed with promotions aimed at enticing them to enjoy their later years with deals that are anything but old. New benefits include concert ticket deals with Live Nation, among other travel and entertainment-oriented options. In a recent Associated Piece, and AARP spokesperson confirmed this is a shift from as recently as just 10 years ago.

Business leaders would do well to pay attention. AARP membership aside, most 50 year olds are still 15-plus years away from retirement. Keeping them—and their institutional knowledge about your business—can be beneficial to your stability and success.

Just as the AARP and many individual businesses are providing new and different benefits to Boomers, businesses should consider the same. Overall compensation, especially strong health benefits, will always be important. But soft benefits are increasingly valuable, such as flexible schedules, memberships, discount purchases, and more.

Which non-compensation benefits resonate most with your Boomer employees?

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