Authenticity Reaches Gen X

Posted On December 6, 2012

Authenticity Reaches Generation X ImageA new study by Nielsen shows that Generation X responds to authenticity in advertising above other qualities and approaches. Advertising that is calm, reasonable, and based on real life will appeal to Xers in contrast to more aspirational, extreme, and exaggerated styles that appeal to Millennials.

The study found some subtle differences between men and women of Generation X. Gen X women are more responsive to sentimentality, while Gen X men respond to competence. Both place a high value on real-world, relatable situations.

The study acknowledges that Gen X is smaller than the others but represents an opportunity for marketers because of their penchant for consumerism. They know what they want and they like to buy it. “Generation X is uniquely positioned. They know what they want and what they like and most importantly who they are,” says a Nielsen exec. “Recognizing this creates an opportunity for marketers to appeal to this population with a genuine and realistic campaign that Gen Xers can identify with.”

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