Millennials Open to Ads

Posted On December 11, 2012

Millennials Open To Ads ImageMillennials are open to advertising, like to be entertained by it, and, if they like the message, they are likely to pass it on. A study of 4,000 Millennials by Edelman Berman revealed that only 3% of Millennials are resistant to advertising. 80% of them said they like to be entertained by advertising and 70% like to provide feedback.

Millennials also like (40%) to influence, or “co-create” new products. Less than a third said they wanted entertainment (videos, games, etc.) from brands instead of advertising. On the other hand, Millennials’ fondness for learning and connecting comes through in the survey: 77% want grant and scholarship opportunities from advertisers, 65% want brands that “mentor” them, and 60% like to connect via brands through social media.

Millennials will seek confirmation outside of an advertising message: 94% will consult a peer or a review or some other outside source. Once sold, Millennials are apt to share their interest and they believe it matters. 74% say they influence the purchasing decisions of others.

The survey also asked about life goals and the results confirmed what we know: Millennials want a job with a purpose that matches their passion (80%) and despite the economic headwinds they face, they’re not particularly troubled by economic issues (only 25% are).

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