Boomers Click Through Online Ads – Millennials Do Not

Posted On October 11, 2011

Have you ever noticed a blinking or dancing ad to the side of the web page you were reading and wondered, “Who clicks on that?” Now we have an answer, at least a generational one. According to a recent JustAsk! survey, older Baby Boomers and Matures are the most likely to click through online ads while Millennials are the least likely.

According to the survey, over three quarters of those over age 55 reported clicking through an online ad in the last 6 months. In comparison, just 58% of Millennials age 15-24 report clicking online ads. And the group in between, mostly Generation X and younger Baby Boomers, are the most likely to take action on the ads that they do click through and the most likely to be annoyed when they see ads that don’t pertain to them. Not surprisingly, all generations get perturbed by online ads that do not apply to them and all say they are more responsive to targeted ads.

We are accustomed to thinking of the Internet as the natural habitat of Millennials and we often assume that Web advertising is mostly targeted at them. This research shows that older generations, who are the fasting growing demographic online, are the most responsive to the advertising placed there.


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