The Video Generation

Posted On August 29, 2011

Video Generation ImageMany in Generation X grew up in households with multiple TVs. They were the first generation to grow up with VCRs, DVDs, cable, and personal computers, as well. So it should come as no surprise that Gen Xers still lead the way when it comes to the consumption of video entertainment, whether it comes in the form of “old media” or “new media.”

According to a study by eMarketer, Gen X is a generation of couch potatoes. They watch more TV than any other, a lifelong habit that the digital revolution has not discouraged. Now, Gen Xers also lead the way when it comes to watching video online – three quarters of them watch video online at least monthly. In fact, Gen X digital habits closely resemble Millennials’, and, in some cases, surpass them. Their combined consumption of traditional and online media makes them the most avid generation of viewers.

Because Xers are currently approaching their earning peak, their attention is valuable to marketers in almost every product category. Further, Gen Xers have shown themselves to be enthusiastic shoppers online and are the leading buyers or users in several categories of online products and services. Marketers who want to reach this generation need to adopt a multi-platform strategy to appeal to a demographic that will take its media and entertainment in whatever form it can get it.

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