Boomers & Millennials Side by Side

Posted On October 2, 2012

Multiple generations in the workplace is now a full scale reality for most. Because they are working side by side, CareerBuilder conducted a side-by-side comparison of Older Boomers’ and Millennials’ attitudes at work, finding both similarities and differences:

• Both prefer face-to-face communication, Boomers (60%) slightly more than Millennials (55%). Millennials (35%) like email more than Boomers (28%) but both disdain the phone (<12%).

• Boomers (62%) are more likely to say you should stay at job for 3 or more years than Millennials (53%). Millennials (47%) believe you should move up once you’ve learned enough. If you do your job, Millennials (63%) say, you should be promoted regularly. Boomers (43%) aren’t so sure.

• Both will work till five, but Millennials (43%) are less likely than Boomers (53%) to get there early.

• Boomers are more likely to dive right into a project (by a margin of 66-52%) while Millennials prefer to make a written plan first (48-35%).

Categories: Baby Boomers, Generations, Workplace