Boomers Not Flying South for their “Winter”

Posted On October 4, 2012

Many Boomers who are retiring are choosing not to move away or, if they do, they are choosing non-traditional destinations. Increasingly, Boomer retirees are eschewing traditional Sun Belt retirement destinations like Arizona and Florida in favor of closer-to-home destinations in cooler climates like Maine and Washington state.

Places like Camden, Maine and Medford, Oregon are now routinely named on “best places to retire” lists. Fewer Boomers are opting for the traditional golf-centered retirement communities in warm climates. “That’s the old view of retirement,” said David Savageau, author of Retirement Places Rated. “And it’s kind of dying out, the desert Southwest and South Florida. That was for our parents; for us it might be somewhere closer to home, a college town, a ski resort or a historical area that gets some kind of tourism in season.”

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