Boomers Saving the Box Office

Posted On August 30, 2012

As the Baby Boomers near their golden years, Hollywood is right there with them. A spate of movies aimed at older demographics and featuring stars in their 50s and 60s reflects the fact that Boomers are proving to be the most reliable movie-going generation.

In many ways, Boomers are the “movie generation” having grown up in an era when cinema was the premier form of entertainment. Now, nearing or in retirement, Boomers have more time and money than younger generations and still have a fondness for movies. According to the MPAA, moving going has declined among every demographic except older Americans.

Recent movies such as Hope Springs and Expendables 2 are examples of movies that feature and target this demographic. Studios are even choosing opening dates and locations based on their appeal to the Boomer demographic, in addition to advertising in Boomer-friendly venues. “It’s a big deal to get an AARP magazine cover,” said one studio executive.

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