Building quarterbacks, and a business, from the turf up

Posted On March 10, 2020

If you watched Daniel Jones or Gardner Minshew play in the NFL this year, or if you’ve followed Jake Fromm or Shea Patterson in the college ranks, you’ve seen the work of David Morris and his company, QB Country.

Morris, who joined us in a recent episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston,” is a former star high school quarterback and a self-described “career second-stringer” at Ole Miss who founded QB Country, a quarterback training and development company that works with players from middle school all the way up to the NFL.

Morris has built QB Country from a sideline gig in Mobile to a sprawling business with sites in 11 cities that prepares a handful of NFL hopefuls for the draft every year, but says its core is still working with young middle school and high school quarterbacks. While players like Jones, Minshew and Devlin Hodges have reached the ultimate goal of playing in the NFL after working with QB Country through their high school and college years, Morris says the ultimate goal of his company is building confident, disciplined young men.

“We train as many third-stringers as we do first-stringers,” Morris says. “I think this is as much about trying to help a kid have confidence, help a kid see what hard work and responsibility does, as it is about helping them get to the next level.”

Morris shares how his background in real estate shaped his business model for QB Country, who his customers really are, why he’s leery of growing too fast, why differing leadership styles can work, the necessary traits for a successful quarterback, and what playing the position can teach someone about the ups and downs of life.

“On the outside looking in, at quarterback there’s a lot of glamour,” he says. “There’s not a lot of glamour when you’re talking about playing quarterback at the highest level, because there’s just as much disappointment as there is mountaintop experiences.”

Join us for a hard-hitting discussion on the business of building quarterbacks and building young men.

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