Expertly Keeping Employees in Historically High Turnover Jobs – Panini Pete & Cheryl Blohme of PP Hospitality Group

Posted On September 11, 2023

Foodservice is typically full of high turnover. Unless you work for PP Hospitality Group. Panini Pete and his sister, Cheryl Blohme, have created a rapidly growing organizaiton due, in part, by their ability to find and keep good people in jobs typified by high turnover. Pete and Cheryl and their leadership team have figured something out. It begins with Pete, Cheryl, and the leadership team living and breathing and acting out the culture they preach. No one can deny they don’t mean it or that their culture is just words on paper. It’s evident to the customers and, most importantly, to the employees. Learn how they do it and what it could mean for your workplace.

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