AI & What It Can Do – Some Straight Answers From Kai Gray

AI & What It Can Do – Some Straight Answers From Kai Gray

Posted On June 17, 2024

Lots of chatter out there about AI. Lots. Every day some some sort of news about how it will make our world unbelievably better and another about how it will be the end of humanity. I reached out to Kai Gray to ask him to answer some questions – what can AI really do? Aside from being the best source tech help I’ve ever found, what can it do for me? Today? Right now? It wrote me a sonnet to read to my wife on Valetines Day (which my wife thought was the most romantic thing I’ve ever done until… Read More

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Tenaska Takes Greenhouse Gasses from Plant Emissions and Safely Buries it 10k Feet Underground

Posted On June 10, 2024

Tenaska has created a method for capturing the greenhouse gasses emited from industrial sites and pushing it through pipelines to a hub where it is injected 10,000 feet under ground. The diposal site must have a top layer of impermeable rock and the CO2 ultimately turns into an inert stone. The process requires a significant investment and Tenaska (the biggest privately held company you’ve never heard of) has what it takes. Tenaska rep Brett Estep leads me through how it works. Show Sponsors: E3 Termite & Pest Control Roy Lewis Construction Allison Horner – State Farm Agent Angelo DePaola –… Read More

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Scott McKain Offers a Deep Dive on Business Distinction and How to Achieve It

Posted On June 3, 2024

For years Scott McKain has led audiences and his consulting clients how to become distinct and different in a crowded marketplace. His approach is simple yet most companies won’t do it – what are the extra things you can do to remain memorable to customers and how can you incorporate them into your business? Most people will claim their expertise is all they need to secure business, not the small, additional customer service items. That’s where they’re wrong. In a crowded and competitive marketplace, standing out requires more.  Show Sponsors: E3 Termite & Pest Control Roy Lewis Construction Allison Horner… Read More

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Burnie Juneau Has an Eye for Businesses that Can Ramp Up by Franchising

Posted On May 20, 2024

Burnie Juneau can walk into a business and tell if it is franchisable. He’s gained a sense of how easy it will be based on his years of experience. His approach to the owner is “are you interested in growing quickly.” The company he works for, Franchise Marketing Systems, does all the paperwork, files the trademark documents, and readies the business owner for growth. FMS then goes on to help sell the franchises, too, marketing the opportunity and finding the right customers.  If you like what Burnie has to say, he offers his phone number: 225.733.4680. Show Sponsors: Mason Hills… Read More

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John Kilpatrick Keeps An Eye Out for his Veteran Colleagues. He and His Team are Uniquely Situated to Offer Them Help.

Posted On May 13, 2024

Col. John Kilpatrick saves veteran lives. He offers a system for doing it, with key roles filled by other veterans. “Unless you’re a veteran,” he told me, “you’ll never know what we’ve gone through and no one will listen to you.” His agency, Vets Recover, is the first of its type he knows about in the country. From vets in despair on the edge of suicide to ones struggling with years of addiction to ones suffering from the traumas that only vets can understand, John has built a system to care for them. He’s on a mission, not unlike the… Read More

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Dr Robert Pearl Is Back to Discuss His New Book About AI in Medicine called ChatMD.

Posted On April 30, 2024

Last time on the show Dr Robert Pearl gave a general overview of the impact he predicts AI with have with medicine. I asked him to return to the show on the release of his new book, ChatGPT MD, now availble on Amazon. Dr Pearl gives a wonderful example of someone injured in a ski accident and when they entered details about their accident and the resulting pains, ChatGPT correctly diagnosed the injury and the needed surgey. It’s next level stuff. And there is so much more yet to come. Hear Dr Pearl tell us where he thinks it’s all… Read More

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Dan Sigmond of the FBI Discusses Financial Fraud and Clever Crooks

Posted On April 22, 2024

Dan Sigmond has seen a great deal in his time with the FBI. He and I discuss his pursuit of financail fraud the the crooks who commit it. Some the crooks are idiots, Sigmond says. Some, however, are brilliant. Sigmond tells us what to look for, how to defend ourselves, and the most common mistakes businesses make. Show Sponsors: Mason Hills Farms – True Farm to Table Meats E3 Termite & Pest Control Roy Lewis Construction Trey Langus – Transworld Business Advisors Allison Horner – State Farm Agent Angelo DePaola – The Coastal Connection Realty Persons Services Corp Seth Cherniak… Read More

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Lauren Fernandez IDs a Quality Restaurant Concept, Adds Her Expertise, and Launches it With Private Equity

Posted On April 15, 2024

Lauren Fernandez – Full Course – can spot a restuarant that’s destined to make it. Her years of experience in the industry as an owner / operator and as a promoter has given her the insight. Today she works with owners of small restuarant concepts to get them launched big and fast by helping the owners make smart growth decisions and avoid the pittfalls that she knows can ruin a promising concept. Once the restaurant has its footing, she backs it with private equity money to truly get it soaring. Hear what she looks for, what mistakes too many restaurateurs… Read More

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Chris Lawrence of Hirewell and Today’s Employment Market

Posted On April 8, 2024

Chris Lawrence has focused on the human capital space helping organizations identify, build, financially assess, implement, and manage outsourced recruiting and consulting solutions. His perspective gives a good view of today’s workplace and workforce needs. We discuss how the workforce needs have evolved since the Great Recession and what he predicts going forward. Notably, Chris explains why there is a greatly reduced demand for IT talent and a huge surge in demand for sales and management talent. Show Sponsors: Mason Hills Farms – True Farm to Table Meats E3 Termite & Pest Control Roy Lewis Construction Trey Langus – Transworld… Read More

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A Master of Promotion – Shadrick Toodle Makes Friends, Makes Memories, and Makes Sales

Posted On April 1, 2024

Shadrick Toodle hand-made t-shirts to wear to support his kids’ sports teams. Other parents wanted them, too. Today he’s selling promotional clothing for teams across his hometown area and well beyond. His presence at events is a big deal. Kids and parents want photos with him. He’s a celebrity. And it all transfers into more and more and more sales of his gear, from football parents wearing shits for their kids to cheerleader gear. He’s a nice man and a master of kindness, support, and promotion.  Contact Shadrick wherever you are:  C: 251.209-2346 Facebook: Shadrick Toodle, Sr. Instagram: Shadrick Toodle,… Read More

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