Bello Nock the Dare Devil Clown – 7th Generation Entertainer Managing Five Other Troupes Across the Country

Bello Nock the Dare Devil Clown – 7th Generation Entertainer Managing Five Other Troupes Across the Country

Posted On June 27, 2022

The words enthusiastic and charismatic don’t come close to capturing the energy Bello Nock gives away. We had breakfast at the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi where he was performing – he’s now at MGM National Harbor – and later got him on the phone for our interview. He’s the perfect…

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Marty Strong – Retired Navy SEAL and Author of Be Nimble – on Business Leadership

Posted On June 20, 2022

Marty Strong got tired of vapid platitudes about busienss leadership and wrote a book full of simple, actionable ideas called Be Nimble. We talk about what makes SEAL training an incubator for business leadership, how to interview to find a nimble leader, and the deep power of humility in leadership….

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Eunice Mingo Helps Me Understand all the Violence and What To Do

Posted On June 13, 2022

Eunice Mingo is a licensed therapist. I invite her on the show to help me understand the voilence that’s escalating everywhere across our country these days. Where is it coming from and what can you and I do to keep people around us from getting so far out of control?…

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Scot Hunsaker Teaches Leadership How to Prepare to be Gone from their Business

Posted On June 6, 2022

Scot Hunsaker took over the family business, built it, then sold it to his employees. Along the way he learned how to create and execute a succession plan. He asks business owners, “Could you be the limiting factor to your businesses success?” and told his own successors, “I did the…

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Cajun Mike’s Termite Protection Business Has EXPLODED. Plus NEST – A Program for At-Risk Youth.

Posted On May 31, 2022

Mike Adams – aka “Cajun Mike” – has grown his company, E3 Termite and Pest Control, by leaps and bounds over the past few years. One reason is he can treat and bond buildings with sprayfoam insulation and I can find no other companies around who will. His focus on…

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Cliff Kennedy Bets on Himself – From Customer to Franchisee to Owner in Short Order

Posted On May 16, 2022

Cliff Kennedy tells a wonderful story of being stuck in traffic and pulling over to take a break and try a gourmet popsicle. In short order he became CEO of Frios Gourmet Pops with franchises across the country and aggressive plans to get in to making private label product. His…

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Phillip Faulkner has an Impressive New Fishing Boat Company

Posted On May 9, 2022

Phillip Faulkner owns Avid Boats in Amory, Mississippi. He’s the son of a boat builder and once the family business was sold, Phillip knew he needed to be back in the business as a innovator and decision maker. He’s created new tools that shape the aluminum in a unique way,…

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Helium, Blockchain, and Coffee in Uganda: Scott Tindle, Johnny Gwin and I Talk Web 3.0

Posted On May 2, 2022

Scott Tindle is fresh off a trip to the Middle East and Egypt with the US State Department to represent the US’s interest in web 3.0 technology. Johnny Gwin adds to the conversation with his deep understanding of the technology and I try to keep quiet or risk total embarrassment…

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David Steele of Monroe Meats and Their Fantastic Monroe Sausage

Posted On April 25, 2022

Hurricane Ivan wiped out Beatrice, Alabama’s Monroe Meats but a small team of investors brought it back. Their flagship product is Monroe Sausage and it is fantastic. Hear managing partner David Steele tell the story of the company and of today’s surging growth. And, heck, go find some and try it…

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Solar Technology Continues to Advance: A Conversation with Eagle Solar and Light’s CEO Sam Yates

Posted On April 18, 2022

Solar technology continues to advance. More energy can be gained from a solar panel than ever before. And the panel’s are lasting longer than ever. Sam Yates sees huge opportunity in Alabama because of abundant sunshine and the fact that the state lags behind neighboring states in deploying solar technology….

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