The Wild West of Check Fraud – A Conversation with Ingo Money’s Rusty Pickering

The Wild West of Check Fraud – A Conversation with Ingo Money’s Rusty Pickering

Posted On March 20, 2023

The sophistication of check fraud is something I knew nothing about until chatting with my old friend Rusty Pickering and then, only days later, hearing from two colleagues who had it happen to them. Rusty is President and COO of payment processing company Ingo Money in Alpharetta, Georgia. He and I chat about how check fraud happens, who’s at risk, who is at fault, and how to avoid having to constantly replace your credit card or debit card. Special bonus podcast version with extra content at the end – an off-script chat with Rusty and me. Show Sponsors: E3 Termite… Read More

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Richard Jolly – Kellogg School of Business – and I Talk Workplace Culture

Posted On February 27, 2023

Richard Jolly believes that the only true differentiator between competitive businesses in the future will be their culture. Every other competitive advantage can be copied. And what is culture? It’s the way things get done. It’s the “smell of the place.” And so much more. We talk “hurry sickness”, “reciprocity”, manager’s new roles, why culture has become so important post-pandemic, etc. This one’s jam packed with content. Show Sponsers: Persons Service Corp E3 Termite & Pest Control Roy Lewis Construction Allison Horner – State Farm Agent Trey Langus – Transworld Business Advisors Angelo DePaola – The Coastal Connection Realty Check… Read More

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Megan Owens and Live Oak Bank – A Non-Traditional Approach to Dominating Niches

Posted On February 20, 2023

Live Oak Bank is a completely virtual bank. Megan Owens serves as one of the bank’s M&A experts and her expertise allows her to serve the bank anywhere in the nation where M&A expertise is needed. Need banking expertise for your veteranarian clinic, for example? Your Live Oak expert may as likely be local as from anywhere in the US but they will have deep, deep expertise in the veteranarian business. And that’s one example from the 30+ verticles where Live Oak aims to expertly serve clients. It’s a brilliant model.  Show Sponsors: Roy Lewis Construction E3 Termite & Pest… Read More

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Ben Strout is Adding Second Floors to Homes and Removing the Roof LAST! It’s a Patent-Pending System That’s a Game Changer.

Posted On February 13, 2023

Ben Strout thought “there has to be a better way.” As a home remodeling contractor, the frantic rush between roof removal and building the new one often leads to hurried work and – worse – rain ruining the house interior. He’s designed a patent-pending system that allows the new roof to go up first, then frame the interior of the addition, and the final step it to remove the old roof and add stairs from underneath. It’s a game changer. (This episode is a monthly collaboration with Business Alabama Magazine.) Show Sponsors: Roy Lewis Construction Persons Services Corp E3 Termite &… Read More

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Marty Strong is Back to Discuss Visionary Thinking and His New Book

Posted On February 6, 2023

Be Visionary is Marty Strong‘s new book. In his consulting he found challenges with CEOs who worked to optimize their organizations but did it at the cost of being strategic. Marty says our society’s drive towards short term goals often cause busiensses to suffer long term since little effort is put into building a vision and a strategy to achieve it. Marty is a great interview and his background as a Navy SEAL plays into our conversation.  Show Sponsors: Persons Services Corp E3 Termite and Pest Control Allison Horner – State Farm Agent Trey Langus – Transworld Business Advisors Roy… Read More

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Patrick Werrlein and his Team Won Business Alabama Magazine’s Best Places to Work in Alabama

Posted On January 30, 2023

Patrick Werrlein said his company could not have won this award six years ago. The company culture needed a big overhaul. He’s president and owner of a Swagelok sales and service center in Birmingham, Alabama. Once he got the right team together and became clear about “who we are and what we do,” he went to work on the culture. The strategy? Simple, says Patrick – empathy, care, concern, spontaneity and some fun. Patrick offers a list of tactics that any business leader can apply. Sponsors: E3 Termite & Pest Control Allison Horner – State Farm Agent Trey Langus –… Read More

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Mel Washington And I Discuss What It Takes to Start Well and Survive as a Small Business

Posted On January 23, 2023

Mel Washington is Regional Director of the Small Business Development Center at the University of South Alabama. He coaches and consults and guides small businesses as they work to become stable, viable businesses. He and I discuss what it takes to get started and where many errors are made by small business owners. If you’re thinking of becoming and entrepreneur, this episode offers simple recipees that will mitigate your failure risk. If you’re trying to grow to the next level, this episode offers thoughts for how to target the next level and how to pursue it. Show Sponsors: Persons Services… Read More

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Buddy Persons Runs a Multi-Faceted Commercial Construction and Disaster Recovery Business That Started Long Ago as a Plumbing Company

Posted On January 16, 2023

Buddy Persons has never seen as much property damage from a hurricane than what he saw in south Florida after Hurrican Ian. He was there representing the disaster recovery division of Persons Services Corp, of the several divisions of his company. Buddy’s background includes such work in Haiti, Albania and Hondurus to name but a few. The company began years ago with his father’s plumbing business and Buddy has grown it tremendously. Hear his remarkable story and meet this humble entrepreneur. Show Sponsors: Allison Horner – State Farm Agent E3 Termite & Pest Control Trey Langus – Transworld Business Advisors… Read More

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Cam a Guest on Tony Truitt’s News Radio

Posted On January 15, 2023

It’s a fun experience being on the other side of the mic early Saturday morning for Tony Truitt’s News Radio show out of Birmingham. It was a quick chat in which he asked me to tell a bit of the story of my show.  Check out this episode!

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Tulane Freeman School of Business Economist and Professor Peter Ricchiuti Tells Us What the Year Will Bring

Posted On January 9, 2023

All the talk of recession pushed me to reach out to friend of the show Peter Ricchiuti to get his take on things. Always a very entertaining guest, Peter gives us a sense of what to focus on, what “tea leaves” he’s reading, and perhaps most importantly, he tells us what the businesses he and his students study do when recession looms on the horizon. The businesses are a part of Burkenroad Reports which has brought him and his classes wonderful acclaim over the years. Want predictions for the economy in the new year? Start here. Show Sponsors: E3 Termite… Read More

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