Exploring trends in wine with Jim Cox of Southern Napa

Posted On December 17, 2022


Christmas is a nice time to enjoy a glass of wine by the fire, and when the weather turns colder that wine is more likely to be red.

Jim Cox of Southern Napa Fine Wine House, our guest in the latest episode of “What’s Working with Cam Marston,” says the demand for red wines rises when the temperature drops.

“As soon as you get a hint of cool weather, people just switch from drinking white wine, drinking rosè, drinking sauvignon blanc, and they come in and they want reds,” Cox said. “They want that change-of-season feeling.”

Cox, who co-owns Southern Napa with his wife Carrie, shares some of the prevailing wine trends, from the increased cost of many Napa Valley wines to the continued popularity of rosè. The pandemic has had its effects on the industry, from increased transportation costs to the difficulty of finding enough glass bottles and cardboard.

As we tasted some of Southern Napa’s offerings, Cox also shared some unique food pairings for champagne and some non-alcoholic spirits that are growing in popularity.

Above all, he said, enjoy whatever wine you like whenever you want to enjoy it.

“I always tell people: Don’t save it for a special occasion,” he said. “Make the special occasion when you drink the bottle.”

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