Gourmet Popsicles? Really? Believe it. And be ready to be amazed.

Posted On December 3, 2018

Octavio and Shannon Arzola left corporate America to pursue the American dream of being business owners. They both had deep backgrounds in food service and hospitality which played right into their hands. They recruited Shannon’s brother, Chuck who has experience in running businesses of his own. Did they begin a fine food restaurant? No. They started making gourmet popsicles. Based in southern Mississippi, Pop Brothers artisan ice-pops are making waves. Some recipes use only local ingredients, some are the most indulgent combination of goodies you can find affixed to a popsicle stick, and some are delightful mixtures of seemingly odd combinations of flavors. Pop Brothers caught the attention of the national media and they filmed a TV show about them. But most importantly, their story and their product have caught the attention of the customers in Ocean Springs, Gulfport, and Bay St. Louis. They’re the real deal. Learn more about their amazing story.

(And order the Berries and Cream. WOW!)

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