Hazardous Waste Disposal – Ted Reese of Cadence Environmental Energy Explains How It’s Done

Posted On January 29, 2024

When huge chemical containers are cleaned at chemical plants, what happens to the left over hazardous sludge? What’s done with the excess from some cosmetic overruns? What about those piles of tires we used to see stacked up behind old tire shops?  Ted Reese is president and CEO of Cadence Environmental Energy. His company destroys wastes that contain energy value by feeding it into long rotary kilns at cement plants that operate at above 2600 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s all high in carbon which reduces fossil fuels needed to generate the heat. The resulting product, now harmless, becomes part of the ready made cement we use to pave our driveways, secure our basketball goals in the ground, and everything else.

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