Millennials and Conventions

Posted On August 2, 2012

Millennials and ConventionsAttracting Millennials to professional association membership, meetings, and conventions has been a challenge for trade groups of all types. Now, the Professional Convention Management Association has surveyed about 2000 Millennials to find out exactly what they’re looking for in a convention.

The results mostly confirm the conventional wisdom about how conventions can become more Millennial-friendly. The highest scoring convention offering was “education with entertainment,” liked by over 93% of respondents. Millennials consistently express the desire for furthering their education but having it leavened with some fun, so that fits the profile. Along the same lines, the second ranked feature was “engaging events,” followed by “activities where I will personally benefit,” short but structured meetings, service projects, networking, games, and keynotes, in that order.

As for factors motivating attendance, “career networking and job opportunities came in first,” liked by close to 90% followed by “interesting and fun educational programs” (again), fun social events, rewards and incentives, financial inducements like fellowships and scholarships, and professional development. These largely echo the responses to the first question with the addition of the very Millennial preference for something free or complimentary.

Not surprisingly, Millennials express a strong preference for the integration of all kinds of technology at conventions including A/V in presentations, Wi-Fi everywhere, and gaming. Perhaps surprisingly though, their most preferred form of communication is face-to-face.

Click through to the PDF linked on this page for full results:

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