Millennials’ “Emerging Adulthood” an Age of Anxiety

Posted On August 7, 2012

Millennial optimism is tempered by anxiety in new life stage known as “emerging adulthood.” Millennials feel as though they should be launching independent adult lives but haven’t been able to set sail. A Clark University survey finds many of them feeling anxiety (56%), uncertainty (65%), and depression (33%). Though 18-29 years old, most feel adulthood lay ahead of them and that it must surely be better than the intermediate stage they’re in (60%). There’s still more than a glimmer of optimism as 82% say it “still seems like anything is possible.”

Millennials are riding out this tough stage by remaining close to their parents, literally and figuratively.  52% have daily contact with parents and over 60% receive financial support from them. Still, a third of them say their parents are too involved in their lives. About the same number (30%) views financial independence as the true marker of adulthood.

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