Millennials Looking for Training and Promotions

Posted On February 2, 2012

Millennials Looking For Training ImageMillennials are looking for jobs that offer training and the chance to move up, according to new survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). “Opportunities for career progression” is the most attractive feature of a prospective employer, cited by 52% of Millennials surveyed. Salary came in second at 44% and training and education third at 35%.

Most Millennials reported having to make some compromises of their expectations to find employment such as taking a lower salary or moving from a preferred location. However, most of them (59%) said they were still looking for employers who shared their values of corporate responsibility and most of them (70%) expect some flexibility in their working hours. Most (66%) also agreed that international experience would further their careers. Overall the survey shows that Millennials are still looking for “meaningful” jobs with flexible parameters despite their difficulty finding work.

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