Millennials Prefer Digital to TV Ads

Posted On January 31, 2012

Millennials Prefer Digital Ads ImageA new study by comScore shows that Millennials are more responsive to ads they view when watching “digital” content than they are to ads they see on TV. The study measured the “lift,” or influence on brand preference, that each ad medium produces. It shows that while Millennials are less likely to influenced by advertising than any other generation, that difference disappears in the case of digital advertising.

In general, the study shows, younger generations are less impressed with ads than older ones. In fact the average “lift” for Boomers and Matures is almost 50% higher than for Millennials for TV ads. Millennials are also less likely (67%) to recall messages from ads than older generations (74%). But those differences disappear with digital ads. Millennials’ responses to digital ads are on a par with other generations, and by some measures even better.

The study also shows that Millennials respond best to ads with strong creative content. Engaging content, whether in the placement of the ad or within the ad itself, proved to be key to “breakthrough” with Millennials. Other key findings showed Millennials to be “accustomed to on-demand access to entertainment, continual stimulation and extreme multitasking,” to have a high “comfort-level with new technologies and cultural diversity,” and to be “more price-sensitive, perhaps due to lower disposable incomes.”

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