Millennials the Most Hispanic Generation

Posted On November 8, 2011

Millennials Hispanic ImageMillennials make up the most diverse, and largest, generation in the United States and now the Census and recent studies show that more Millennials are Hispanic or Latino than any other generation and that the majority of Millennial Hispanics were born in the USA.

The United States has about 50 million inhabitants that identify as Hispanic or Latino or about 16% of the population. Millennials are proportionately more Hispanic at about 21% meaning there are about 17 million Hispanic Millennials. A recent demographic analysis by MTV says that about 65% of them were born in the United States. In addition, a recent Pew study puts the average age of Hispanic Americans at 27, making them the youngest ethnic demographic in the US.  Looked at another way, Millennials make up a third of the Hispanic American population. The trend is likely to continue, as Hispanic Americans now constitute about 22% of births in the United States

Advertisers are keenly interested in this demographic, which they’ve nicknamed the “fusionistas” because they live comfortably in both Latino culture and media as well as mainstream American culture and media. Media strategists advise against using separate, ethnicity-based marketing strategies for Millennials. Rather, they suggest, consistent messages and campaigns that can be repurposed in either language will resonate more with fusionistas who will be exposed to them in both contexts.

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