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Make the sale to four key generations.

All your customers like the same type of service, right? And all your products should be sold the same way to all prospects, right? And the reasons you like your product and service are the same reasons your buyers should like it, right? Wrong!

What your sales team doesn’t know about Gen Xers, Boomers, Matures, and Millennials impacts the bottom line. Each generation’s differing values creates differing expectations for what makes a quality sales or service experience. In Selling Across Generations, thought leader Cam Marston reveals the four generations’ sales and services biases and provides simple, easy-to-execute ideas for reaching each.

  • Author has a winning track record with his previous book, Motivating The “What’s In It for Me?” Workforce
  • Unique in preparing you and your sales team to sell cross generationally, not just to one generation or another

Highly energetic and engaging to read, Generational Selling Tactics That Work is full of immediately actionable ideas for each generation so you can sell confidently and deliver superb service to each of these unique demographics.

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