The Gen-Savvy Financial Advisor – Revised & Updated


New, Revised edition. 193 page step-by-step guide to juggling the many generations in the financial industry.



Step-by-step guide to juggling the many generations in the financial services industry.

(This new and revised edition is available in 2017. New chapters include information on the Mature generation as well as social media tactics and tips.)

This book will prepare you for the coming demographic waves and aftershocks that will change the financial industry. It will provide you with both an understanding of generations and finance as well as some clear guidelines and techniques for how to address your changing clientele.

“Cam Marston is one of the best thinkers when it comes to understanding generational differences. And as a result, he shows great wisdom in how leaders should align their offering and messaging with the markets they wish to grow. For financial services firms who have been built around the Baby Boomers — both as employees and clients — the “Gen-Savvy Financial Advisor” provides insight into how to serve the different demographic groups. Why should you care? The accumulated wealth of Millennial and Gen-Xers is almost as great as the accumulated wealth of Boomers, and this is before inheriting anything from their parents.”

Mark Tibergien, CEO
Pershing Advisor Solutions
Author – Practice Made (More) Perfect: Transforming a Financial Advisory Practice into a Business (with Rebecca Pomering)

“For any wealth advisor who is serious about making meaningful connections with clients, what you’ve written is a must read. Your insights on how the generations think, communicate and make decisions is already a positive game changer on our business.”

Rob O’Dell, CFP
Co-Founder of Wheaton Wealth Partners.


“I’m going to keep these generational nuggets handy the next time i’m advising someone much older than me, or much younger than me. Studying this is going to open doors for my business. You’ve given me the necessary insight to communicate with any age of prospect or client. I am also going to make your eBook the focus of my study group the next time we meet.”

Jay Stubbs, CLU
Sales Director, First Protective

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