Recruit through Philanthropy – The Millennials will take Note

Posted On January 6, 2017

Looking to hire a few good millennials? One way to attract them may be by giving them a chance to give back.

Many millennials have a philanthropic bent – finding ways to improve the world is important to them. A report from the Case Foundation and Achieve, a research and marketing agency for causes, found that many want and expect their employers to provide tangible outlets for their charitable urges in their professional lives.

And that doesn’t mean just signing over a few dollars a month to the United Way.

One industry that’s taking this data to heart is the financial-advisory industry, according to a recent piece in the Wall Street Journal. With a workforce that’s skewing older, financial advisory firms are not only giving new hires time off to volunteer, but are sponsoring more innovative ideas like philanthropy learning groups and “generosity summits” for employees and clients alike.

Atlanta-based SignatureFD LLC employs such ideas to raise awareness of various charities and methods of giving in the local area, according to WSJ. The company also sponsors “generosity groups” that allow clients to share their philanthropic experiences, and is creating a generosity mentoring program.

These new approaches come in addition to more traditional charitable exercises like participating in the United Way Day of Caring or giving employees time off to participate in causes of their choosing.

Often, it’s millennials leading the charge within firms to push the charitable envelope. Such was the case, WSJ noted, at Level Financial Advisors, Inc., in Amherst, N.Y., which provided Christmas gifts to 15 children from a local Boys & Girls Club and sponsored a 5K race for the Ronald McDonald House.

While we Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers are busy running millennials down for their perceived entitlement issues, we should also recognize that there are things they’re better at than us. Using emojis. Finding an app that compares the weaponry in first-person shooter video games. Naming the members of One Direction.

I kid. I kid.

In twenty years when we look back at this generation, it may be that we don’t remember it for participation trophies or for knowing the difference between Harry and Zayn. It may be that we remember it as the generation that made it cool to give again.

If you’re looking to restock your workplace, it might be a good idea to find ways to help them do it.

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