Take your parents to work day

Posted On December 23, 2014

In November, LinkedIn hosted its second annual “Bring in your parents day,” a twist on the “take your child to work day” initiative that started back when Gen X was in elementary school. At first glance this may seem like a gimmick, but there is some sound strategy behind it.

LinkedIn is achieving a double-win for the generations with this initiative:

  • It helps educate an older generation about their technology-driven business
  • It helps parents become supportive of their children’s career paths – even when they don’t understand them.

Millennials, and to some degree Gen X, have a tendency to have very involved parents. And the influence of those parents can extend well beyond the years where the child is living at home. By welcoming parents to the office, LinkedIn is extending the family bond and, hopefully, increasing employee engagement and loyalty in a small way. Other technology companies have taken note, with more than 50 companies picking up the trend.

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