Want good Millennials workers? Do good.

Posted On July 1, 2014

Corporate foundations, social responsibility committees, paid volunteer days – these may seem like “nice to haves” to many business leaders. For Millennials in the workforce, however, they are increasingly important to overall interest in working for company and job satisfaction once employed.

The 2014 Millennial Impact Report surveyed Millennials about their interests and expectations around cause-related work and charitable giving associated with the workplace. The results indicate that companies that put an emphasis on doing good are more likely to appeal to Millennial workers. It is not enough to give generously – underwriting a board chair position at the university won’t impress this generation – you must also provide time and space for them to do good works as part of the company team.

And then you must talk about it. Share on facebook, create a community involvement section on your company website, create press opportunities related to your volunteer activity. While some may consider publicizing good works to be self serving, most Millennials want to know that you are walking the walk. In fact, 55% of survey respondents said that they considered a company’s cause-related work when deciding whether to accept a position.

If you don’t have a formal position on social responsibility, consider crafting one. If you do, make sure it’s visible. Give your Millennial employees and recruits something to feel good about, and they will feel better about your business.

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