What makes a good work environment for Baby Boomers? Ask the NIH

Posted On July 2, 2013

A lot of HR time is spent figuring out how to attract the best and brightest young talent – what are the perks and expectations that can bring the next workforce stars to your business?  The AARP, however, wanted to know who was doing a good job attracting the bright, experienced talent that is already available in the Baby Boomer generation. In their recent ranking of the Best Employers for Workers over 50, the National Institutes for Health topped the list.

The NIH is joined by four more health care companies in the top five. The AARP attributes the dominance of health care companies on the list to a focus on empathy (the ability of the older generations to understand the needs of an older clientele), the advanced skills of more experienced workers, and the industry’s appreciation that that employees want to live increasingly fuller lives – ones with more flexibility and benefits, an area where health care companies tend to be more progressive.

Of course, the flexibility and benefits prevalent in health care can also be attractive to employees throughout the generational spectrum. In addition, younger minds bring some interesting innovation and fresh perspective. Regardless, the AARP list demonstrates that understanding employees’ core values and changing needs can help a company create an environment where employee engagement and loyalty are more easily achieved. It is this type of approach that can help your business attract and retain employees.

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