Plastic surgery isn’t just for the vain

Posted On November 29, 2023

Plastic surgery is just what vain, old people use to try to look young. Right?

Wrong, according to a recent guest on “What’s Working with Cam Marston,” or at least that’s only a small part of it.

Mobile-based plastic surgeon Dr. Chris Park says that while there are certainly many patients looking cosmetic plastic surgery, he also performs many reconstructive procedures, including removing skin cancer, repairing facial injuries and reconstructing skin damaged by dog bites or other injuries.

“What I love about plastic surgery is it’s really a specialty of learning anatomy and physiology, but then principles,” he said. “My surgeries are never identical. I’m always thinking: How can I solve this problem? Which is what I love about it.”

While the most common procedures still involve women who have recently had pregnancies or are finished raising children, Park said men seek many cosmetic procedures as well, including raising eyelids and rhinoplasty.

And new technology is allowing some procedures to be done non-surgically, he added.

“Now there’s both heat-based technology and cold-based technology that literally will kill fat without surgery,” he said. “We’re getting more and more technology that tightens skin – usually heat-based – in order to remodel collagen and make it tighter and more elastic.”

Park and his practice, The Park & Rebowe Clinic for Plastic Surgery, are using their social media platforms to address many of the misconceptions about plastic surgery – and warn against many unsafe practices they’re seeing. He’s also co-authored a book about the discipline: Beauty By Design: The Artistry of Plastic Surgery.

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